Business Apps I Swear by

1. Later

Love this app/program for scheduling my Instagram posts. What I love more is it's free, with the option of upgrading. What I really love is that you can have the app on your phone to post your schedule posts but they also have a desktop version you can sign in and create all your content/posts there. If you're like me and have your images on your desktop, this is super handy.

You can also use "preview" in Later to see what your feed will look like and you can plan accordingly. You can store content templates which is great for hashtags that you may use continuously.

Keep in mind the app won't post for you. You create the post, add in the content, photo, schedule it. It then pops on your phone to post. You then just follow through the steps to post and, bam! Posted. Huge time saver and I swear by it!

2. Calendly

If you have been looking for a app/program to help you schedule meetings...this is it. Again, this one is free with the option of upgrading. With Calendly, you can set your schedule parameters through the app and then send a Calendly link to your clients to book a meeting. It also syncs up with your Google Calendar which is super handy (If you're not on so now!). So instead of saying to a client, "Well, I'm free Monday from 1pm - 4pm and Wednesday from 11:00am - 2:00pm..." you just send them your event link and Calendly looks at your Calendar and the parameters you have given it, and allows a much more seamless meeting setup. Easy peasy!


You've probably heard of this one but a great tool for editing photos for social platforms, especially Instagram. You can use as a social platform also but I only use for the editing purposes.

4. Toggl

If you need to track your time, this is perfect tool for the job. For me, every minute I work on a client's tracked. And Toggl allows me to do so. Again, this one is free with the option of upgrading. I've been using this for about 5ish years and love it. You can create projects and clients, and track your time for each accordingly. You can then go back and create "reports", see where you have spent your time and better set your pricing.

5. Wave Accounting

If you're an entrepreneur like me or have a small team, Wave Accounting could be what you're looking for. It's an all in one invoicing, accounting program/app that is easy to use and also free. I solely use it for invoicing my clients but you can also track expenses, do your accounting, etc. With invoicing you can take credit cards, create estimates, send your invoices through your email or through the program, add products/services, tons of little helpful tools to help the everyday. I'll probably do another post going more into depth of how I use this one but definitley worth a look!

6. Expensify

Great for tracking expenses, receipts, mileage. I solely use for mileage and can login via desktop and print my reports. Love!

7. Google

Google business Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google name need it.


Some other apps that I've sworn by also: