Tools I love for Design

ASUS Zenbook

If you didn't know already, I'm a PC/Android gal. And I love the new laptop I purchased awhile back. My laptop is the bread and butter to my business and it's worth the purchase. I will always use a laptop vs desktop because I'm always on the move. My office varies from day to day (coffee shop, home office, kitchen, etc). Don't be afraid to invest in a great tool for the job!


LOVE Unsplash for so many reasons. If you haven't heard of it yet then you have now. Simply, It's a free open source photography website where you can use the photos to your liking. And these aren't your traditional stock images, they're modern, eye-catching, fresh and relevant to aesthetics. You're not required to give credit but I highly recommend give credit where you can when using...keep that good karma.

Adobe Color CC

Ever stuck on color combinations?! Enter Adobe Color CC (formally Kuler). You can create or explore color combinations. If you have an Adobe account, feel free to login and you can save your palettes and sync with other Adobe software. Have fun!

Illustrator CC 2017

I bit the bullet on purchasing the new Illustrator CC and it's the best money I've spent. I spend 95% of my time in Illustrator so it's definitely worth it. Features I love that weren't in the previous version (Illustrator and Illustrator CC)....easy access to templates when you launch, crop tool (finally!), better guides for spacing, better font navigation, typekit integration, better zoom on projects...all to just name a few.


I know, I know, Pinterest!? It's been around for years and It's more than a recipe finder. I love this tool for inspiration...from web design, web layout, packaging, etc. It's a ever evolving inspiration website and I use it daily. It's also a great way to get your work out there. Along with Pinterest I love Behance and From up North. Don't knock it till ya try it!

Creative Market

Oh how I love this one. Creative market is just as it sounds...endless creative assets for your business. I use this tool for fonts, patterns, textures, icons and product mockups. I find it more affordable and more variety than lets say Thinkstock or other asset platforms. Also, if you sign up you'll get a email every Monday with free downloads to assets. Not that I need anymore!

Spotify/Sound Cloud

Good music is always a must. Spotify helps keep the day going (along with coffee) with well curated playlists. I also love Sound Cloud for some podcast listening.

Pantone Swatch Books

If you're in the print industry, having pantones is a must. It allows you to keep your clients colors seamless across all platforms. A bit of a cost upfront but worth it.

Pen + Paper

I surprisingly take a lot of notes during the day. I keep a notebook on hands at all times to keep record and notes on projects. I always try and get them on clearance at Indigo!